Advice on How to be a ‘Real Human’ (in Your Last Year of College & First Year of Real-World Life)

Obvi, We're The Ladies

My sophomore year of college I succumbed to a pattern of four hours of sleep a night, turning in last-minute assignments, spending time with friends poorly, and eating sporadically. It had its consequences. Junior year I combined my more natural tendencies with a few conscious changes which made me functional, hyper-organized, and efficient. Cultivating personal discipline and developing a good reward system made all the difference. As a result, my friends christened me a “Real Human” and promptly began asking how I accomplished such a superhuman feat.

  1. Sleep during normal-person hours. You will work better, be happier, and feel healthier. No, going to bed at 2am on a regular basis does not count even if you sleep until 11am. Think 12am to 8am with the occasional slips every two weeks or so.
  1. Stop making excuses. Rarely do you write a paper until 5am because you were “so busy.”…

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