Looking For a Job? Social Media Can Help.

Social Media In a Millennial's World

As the fall semester nears the end, it’s time to think about the future. Next semester being my last, I can’t help but look ahead to several months and think to myself, what’s next. It’s the thing that all seniors hate to think about: the job hunt. The playing field for the job search has changed since our parents’ time and with social media comes some new concepts to consider as well.

Source: UConn Career Web Source: UConn Career Web

Sites like Twitter and Facebook may seem frivolous and time consuming, but why is it then that nearly all job seekers are active on social networking sites? In fact, social networking sites are now critical in today’s job searches and employers look to these sites during the hiring processes. Additionally, social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are outlets for employers to get a more personal glimpse of who you are beyond the confines of an eight-and-a-half…

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