The Millennial Mantra: Do Well by Doing Good


Millennials see social impact as one of the most important roles of businesses. In case you didn’t realize it, they’re also voting with their wallets. They represent a huge group of future investors with a steadfast commitment to furthering social good and responsibility.

Don’t believe me? Let me sum up some interesting findings from this awesome HBR article Impact Investing Needs Millennials:

  1. Of all the generations alive today, millennials are the most willing to trade financial return for greater social impact, according to “Millennials and Money,” a 2014 study from Merrill Lynch’s Private Banking and Investment Group.
  2. According to another study, U.S. Trust’s “Insights on Wealth and Worth,” wealthy millennials are almost twice as likely as their grandparents to regard their investments as a way to express social, political, or environmental values (see chart), and nearly three-quarters of millennials believe that it is possible to realize market-rate returns investing in…

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