Dating 101, for college dummies.

Talk Is Chic


Being a 20 year old college student, I see first hand the nature of dating in our generation. If “dating” is really what you want to call it. It seems that in the last five years dating has become something rare for the twenty-somethings. Maybe we have social media to blame, where you can talk to anyone in the world in a second, making people think they have so many options so how could they settle down with just one?  And how guys and girls are following 600 Instagram accounts of random peoples nearly naked pictures. In my past experiences is seems like just one good, solid, relationship was not just not enough. Someone is always wanting more, thinking the grass is always greener on the other side.

I have always known I am old fashion in certain ways. I appreciate alone time, I take time to read old love stories and feel enthused…

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