Neqtr: Changing the Game of Dating Apps


Neqtr is a socially conscious dating app for college students and millennials. It connects people through similar interests. Neqtr is changing the game of the dating app world by creating planned dates through volunteer opportunities and charity events. Millennials love to give back to their community. Sometimes they don’t know how to get started, or which organizations are in the area. We have made it easy to see all the local events in your area on one calendar. We are partnering with some amazing organizations like The Humane Society, Feeding America, Surf Rider Foundation, and the Boys and Girls Club. We have something for everyone and all interests. These are all the reasons why Neqtr is game changing:

  1. Giving back to your community

Millennials love giving back to their community. More than 87 % of Millennials gave to a non-profit in 2013.

  1. Quality dating.

This is someone you can bring…

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