5 Things that Happen Every Christmas

Musings of the Average Millennial


I figure if you Google “How To Survive the Holidays” you’ll find a bunch of articles that tell you how to handle your in-laws, and how to buy gifts, and how to make gifts, and how you need to try to get the right amount of drunk to make it through ’till December 26.

I’m lucky that the boyfriend’s family is super accepting and awesome, and they are also pro-wine, so I really don’t have any Christmas tips for people who hate the family gatherings. I actually really enjoy the boyfriend’s family and feel totally at home at his parent’s house. (I’m not just saying this on the off chance one of them reads this post. For the record, my family is pretty amazing, too.)

So, en lieu of the standard 5 Ways to Survive the Holidays, here are 5 Things that Happen Every Christmas.

1. Last-Minute Shopping

I know…

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