And Now A Word From The Republican Religious Right – ‘The Religious Right’s Replacement for Obamacare: God’!

The Last Of The Millenniums

pat robertson1

‘When Andy Borowitz satirically writes in the New Yorker that Marco Rubio has vowed to block the Twenty-First century, saying, “We cannot stop time, perhaps, but we can defund it,” it’s funny. It’s funny because that’s exactly what Republicans and their Religious Right allies are trying to do’.

‘This week’s fun started…this week, I think (because all that time-defunding means that only the gods know where we might actually be, chronologically speaking) with Pat Robertson Monday on the 700 Club telling a viewer to stay away from the doctor’s office’.

The viewer had already asked God “to be my physician”but his family was pleading with him to see a doctor to be treated. Because, you know, that’s what doctor’s do’:

“I am 76-years-old. Several years ago, I made a covenant with God. I asked Him to be my physician. I said, “I trust you, Lord, for all…

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