CLICK FOR A CAUSE: DC LGBTQ Latinos Creating Change


By Eric Perez, Jesus Chavez , Jose Garcia and Ivan Aguilar

Hello friends, families, and colleagues:

It is not every day that we ask for your help, but because we feel so passionate about social justice we are reaching out to you today. On February of 2015, LGBTQ community leaders will convene in Denver, Colorado, to attend the National Conference on LGBT Equality: Creating Change. In a very crucial time on the road towards equality and social justice the conference will host a Latino/a Institute. The Institute will bring together diverse groups of LGBTQ Latino/as and allies from across the country to foster supportive relationships, and build each others’ capacity to advance LGBTQ Latino/a activism.

As activists who care deeply about Latino/a immigrant and LGBTQ communities we really want to contribute to that national dialogue. We feel that our experiences will allow us to contribute to something meaningful in moving our communities forward. We know that we will be able to gain some very important tools to help us grow personally and professionally.

The Latino/a Institute has stated that it will cost about $1,316 to attend the conference normally and will cost $991 even after receiving a scholarship per person. This is a significant expense. While we are working tirelessly to find inexpensive transportation and housing, we will be unable to attend without your help.

We are asking for your support because we know that you believe in the work that we are doing. This conference and this experience is an investment for a better tomorrow, with your assistance we know that we can create change.

With deepest gratitude in anticipation of your assistance,

Eric Perez, Jesus Chavez , Jose Garcia and Ivan Aguilar


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