Pop Music – The Loud Emotions Inside Us


Have you watched this 2014 Pop Danthology of Daniel Kim? If not, try to check this out.

I’m a total fan of anything visually entertaining and musically encouraging that’s why I literally hangout with Youtube. When I watched this video two weeks ago, I’ve been inspired. I don’t know if it’s the video itself, or the story behind it. I love how courageous the maker was, but the fact that there is a Psychological story behind it is really interesting. I try opening his website and saw this,

“artist, philosopher, empath, healer, and counsellor with a passion for joy and inner peace, family and marriage” (http://canadankim.com/)”

And I realized that I’m not the only person who is emotionally and psychologically conscious.


It’s so funny how I link Pop Danthology to something so emotional, but that’s the main thing “Everything is connected to everything else” and music is connected to our…

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