Progressive Breakfast: ‘Raising Wages’ Is The Latest Battle Cry In The Fight For Workers

Be a Seed for Change

campaignForAmericaLgoMore than 300 progressive activists and labor leaders on Wednesday embraced “raising wages” as the theme of a series of battles in 2015 to reverse policies that have led to record levels of income inequality and a shrinking middle class. “We are tired of people talking about inequality as if nothing can be done,” said AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka at the “Raising Wages” summit in Washington. “The answer is simple: Raise the wages of the 90 percent of Americans whose wages are lower today than they were in 1997.”

Obama Cheerleads Economy As Warren Warns

Obama talks up economic progress in Detroit as argument to do more for middle-class. W. Post:“…it’s important for us to hear some good news, not to make us complacent, but to give us confidence that if we work harder we can make even more good news.”

While Sen. Warren tells AFL-CIO “wage summit” that…

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