Nina Gualinga Speaks Up About Climate Change and COP20

When Women Inspire

Activist Nina Gualinga Nina Gualinga Speaks Up about the Environment. Print screen taken from YouTube video Keep the Oil in the Ground.

Nina Gualinga is from a small community in Ecuador called Sarayaku. She is an activist for the rights of Indigenous people, speaking up on platforms such as the Huffington Post about protecting the Indigenous cultural identity that contains traditions to use resources in sustainable ways. In particular, she focuses on Indigenous practices that encourage regrowth and regeneration of resources.

Recently, Nina Gualinga spoke about climate change at the COP20 Climate Conference that took place in Lima in December of 2014. She spoke to the world leaders in attendance about the importance of protecting the environment to help make for a better world for future generations. She explained that it is vital to use resources wisely now to avoid environmental disasters and further irreversible climate changes.

In particular, Gualinga advocates reducing global…

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