Internship 101: Professional Meeting Conduct

Career Driven Millennials

We’ve all been there. You got a new internship and things are going great, you like the people, the environment and you’re really learning a lot. But the day soon comes when you’re in a meeting with the bosses and you didn’t prepare and you don’t even know what you should be doing. These meetings tend to come up when you first start the internship so it’s good to know how you should conduct yourself as an intern. The most important thing a new intern should know is how to carry yourself as if you were an actual employee. Our post on “Internship Etiquette” can tell you all about that, but right now we’re going to focus on corporate meetings. Follow these guidelines and you’ll never feel like just an intern in a meeting again.

1. What To Bring: Make sure you have a notebook and pen with you, so…

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