life of an intern.

the fabric of my life.

I’ve already spilled scalding hot water on myself, dropped my tea tag in the mug of hot water (two days in a row) and one of my favorite pens died this morning.  It’s started out as a not-so-happy-day but that’s okay because I’ve also journaled, reminisced over my summer in Storm Lake and yesterday I found a heater at the office and we are very close friends at this point.  I decorated my office a bit and I get to visit one of my favorite professors this afternoon.  I also get to shop for a few last pieces to make my office feel a little more homey.  Once I get it situated, I’ll take another picture and show you how great it is to have natural pouring in while I compare financial reports.  It’s thrilling…trust me 🙂life at the office.

I started my stint as an intern at The Bridge just over a…

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