Rosie O’Donnell talks Bill Cosby, LGBT progress + more on SiriusXM Insight

Hear & Now

What better way to kick off the first week of SiriusXM Insight than with a visit from Rosie O’Donnell? The View host sat down on Tell Me Everything with John Fugelsang to (candidly) discuss everything from the fight for LGBT rights to the tragic events in Paris last week. O’Donnell also discussed the allegations against Bill Cosby and Stephen Collins.

“Last week Phylicia Rashad had a comment that was actually taken out of context about the Bill Cosby situation … She wanted to discuss his legacy and not the women, and that’s okay! That’s her right,” O’Donnell said.

“As we were discussing this on The View, I brought up the Stephen Collins situation because I am currently on a show, The Fosters, which he is on as well … I brought up Stephen Collins because I too, like Phylicia Rashad, worked with a man who was accused of sexual crimes and…

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