The reason why I’m quite fine with letting school take second priority

Nick Ang

Writing a list

The tension is real and it is recurring theme in my student life. It’s a constant tug-o-war between staying a faithful undergraduate and being someone useful to society, creating something, anything. I constantly think about the status quo around me and generate product and business ideas and the topic for my next article. But to pursue those things is to necessarily set aside time that is supposed to be used for studying. I’m quite fine with it, though, and here’s why.

How anyone remains faithful as a full-time student, bent over books that are so remote and divorced from their own realities, is beyond me. I can’t imagine how people do it, let alone why.

When we roam around our city rife with social, political, economic problems, sometimes altogether entangled, every single day, how do we make ourselves ignore them? Relegating these problems as things to be solved upon graduation is…

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