5 Overused Phrases Used By Today’s Youth That Need To End In 2015

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I like to think that I’m a pretty hip guy. I stay up to date on all of the latest fashion trends for guys, I keep my hair trimmed, I stay in the know as far as current events go…but there are some things that my generation does that I just cannot get behind.

The reality is, I’m actually still pretty young, but being in the workforce for as long as I have been, one could argue that I am “disconnected” with my generation.

I’m in my mid twenties and I prefer to stay at home, drink a glass of wine and watch NCIS or Cops than go out and get “turnt.”

I have never fully lived up to the phrase “YOLO.” So I guess there are things in my life, I will never get…and many of those things are lingo from today’s youth.

That being said…there are 5 phrases that…

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