Am I invisible?

Escapades of High Girl Daily

Speaking as someone from Generation Y, or a Millennial I realised today that we really aren’t important as we think we are. According to Wikipedia  “Millennials” in abundance have asserted the ideal that all their heritages should be respected, counted, and acknowledged.”. Basically we are arrogant, think we know what is best and think we are more important than we are.

I tell myself that I don’t fall into that category; I don’t own the latest smartphone (yes, of course I HAVE a smartphone), I don’t really use the latest slang (I can’t stand the word “bae”), but when it comes down to it I am a Millennial. I dress the same as others, I use Instagram & Twitter, I do my make up like the Kardashian’s (and hate myself for it). And, today I realised that I am not that well recognised in the workplace like I thought I…

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