Gen Y’s Education & Workplace

The Millennials & their Career Choices

Back then, hard work will usually get you somewhere at the top. However, with times changing, Gen Y individuals realized that the only way to get to the top is with an educational degree. Thus, we hear so many stories about student loan debt and credit card debt in the news, from friends, and co-workers. Nevertheless, college enrollment is still increasing.

According to the “Millennial Generation Research” by Ms. Jessica –, millennials score high on their IQ tests, in addition to “[scoring] higher on such traits as extroversion, self-esteem, self-liking, high expectations, and assertiveness. These traits purported to often lead to narcissism and entitlement.” Whoa, that’s quite an accusation there, isn’t?

A survey finds that millennials’ narcissistic and entitlement trait makes them feel as if they are the top performers in their group. As a result, when they meet the real world and find that their expectations are…

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