Is Generation Y Really Invincible?

Invincible Generation

I know that the statistics show the newest Millennial’s to be the most unmotivated, least knowledgeable and most uninsured generation to hit since before the baby boom. “Millennial’s” or sometimes known as “Generation Y” are the young adults born between the 1980’s and 2000. I believe this label is not reserved for the vast majority. It has been stamped on to the stereotypes of slacker young adults, still living at home, with no motivation to get out and make something of themselves. We are the “Selfie” generation with phone constantly in hand.

The 90’s were full of things like denim, cassette tapes and dial-up internet. HEAVEN FORBID you get a phone call while you are on the internet! Your slow-as-molasses connection would shut off and you would have to start the dialing and crackling all over again! This is also the same culture that taught us to say “Whatever” and…

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