10 Dumb Millennial Things that Should Stop


Listen up, Millennials: I’ve been hearing some things recently that I think are DUMB and should STOP HAPPENING, and here is what they are. Everyone listen up and adjust accordingly:


Stop saying it! It’s stupid. New slang is stupid. Keep slang the same as it was a while ago.


Have you seen these? Sticks to take a better selfie? Gimme a break. And the word “selfie” annoys me, they should just call it something less annoying, and definitely not have sticks for it. Discontinue the sticks, whoever makes the sticks.


What does this even mean?? It’s dumb, stop saying it. Words were fine like, a little while ago. Why do we need to make new words? Stop making new words, millennials.


Ughhh this is also dumb. Why do you millenials keep calling yourselves this? “Hey we’re millennials, let’s go like, butt chug and stick vodka tampons in our vaginas and…

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