Rants of a Millennial

Zero Ducks Given

There is a man in a park right outside my house who is getting cuffed by the police officers in the middle of the night because he was sucking his dealer’s dick for that ever lovely methamphetamine, yet this sort of things do not disturb me. It’s almost a normal event to see such things around here, though it goes unreported at times but it doesn’t disturb the peace of the people. We’re quite used to it and at times, we’re kinda expecting this stuff to happen at a time of our great nation’s most action-packed phase of its history with Police and Gangster Showdown articles in the newspaper like an advertisement to a boxing match fixed by the Mafia of our Politicians. So we don’t care much for the flashing red and blue lights around here, we’re of course still nosey people but we don’t care much.

Now this…

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