Suddenly Republicans Seem To Dislike Filibusters!


Well we all knew it was coming. Over the past six years the Republican minority Senate has used the filibuster a record number of times. They clogged up the works and didn’t allow much to get done. Legislation, nominees, and judges have all been blocked. They weren’t going to budge and they sure weren’t going to let the Democrats get anything done.

So as you would expect, Democrats learned a thing or two about how to be difficult and now they are pulling the same stunt. I’m not sure it is the right approach, but I understand why they are doing it. They certainly don’t want to see Obama’s immigration reforms shut down. Especially since the Republican led House and Senate probably couldn’t come up with an immigration bill no matter what the incentive. This is a divided and polarized Republican party with ultra right wing extremists and far right…

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