Here are the 10 cities with the largest share of young adults

The Context Of Things

People love to breathlessly discuss “the cities of the future” or “where the young people are headed,” and goddamn hand to some deity, I am no exception. I’ve written about people moving away from coasts, the best cities for jobs for young people, social mobility, what millennials want out of cities, something called “The One D” index, where to go if you’re a woman looking to get married, and why we all love cities west of the Mississippi.

I dropped all the links up there for two reasons — (1) I’m a selfish prick and I want you to click on more things I’ve read, and (2) there are literally 901,288 ways to define what’s a good, livable city. For each person/family, that definition is going to be different, and it can change rapidly. I can tell you that my May 2014 job search

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