Inside MSNBC’s Impending Shakeup: Cancellations, Reboots and Chief Phil Griffin

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This article made a lot of sense.. MSNBC is a disaster and has become mostly unwatchable with crappy, provocative hosts and repetitive shows.. with NO news value..

Worst of them all: Melissa Harris-Perry. Get her off the air at once.
Reid: Can it. Self-absorbed and immature host.
Farrow: Nice guy but dead boring. His elaborate compliments to guests and in interviews are just too embarrassing.
Al Sharpton. The same show every night. Complete repetitiveness.
Ed: Sort of ok. A bit one-note but plays with an audience.
Hayes & partly Steve Kornacki: Way too cerebral. It’s too detailed and distracting from the real issues.

From the article it also seems like Griffin has very little understanding for when during the day different people would work well. Pushing a popular daytime show to prime-time is not necessarily a very good idea, as he apparently has done many times.
Let someone else take…

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