More on Millennial’s : Millennials want it all, just like their parents


Millennials want it all, just like their parents

** Click the link above to watch the video from Globe and Mail **

After reading and responding to Raiyan’s post, I thought it would be interesting to check Globe and Mail to see if there were any neat videos about our generation in relation to other generations.

I found a video where Rob Henderson, CEO of YCONIC, discusses the similarities our generation shares with our parents. Rob states that there are in fact many similarities between our generation, the millennials, and our parent’s generation. Of course there are differences in aspirations and attitudes, and the way we achieve our goals, however there are also a lot of similarities that may surprise people. Our generation wants a family, a house, and car just like our parents did growing up. The millennials watch what their parents do, and although we may have different…

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