Eye On Craft Beer Part 1: Brewing a Link to the Millennial Mind

Marketing Mindscape

“What is Craft Beer?” Some classify it as a niche product, or a waxing and waning trend. Many consider it the best option when it comes to stocking their cooler while others dismiss it as a ‘meme food,’ akin to Quinoa or Sriracha. The truth is that millions of consumers are enraptured by the quality and variety found in the Craft Beer world – and that number is growing. The Craft Beer movement, so to speak, has been effectively encroaching the boundaries of American dive bars, liquor stores, and tap rooms nation wide for the past decade or two, and today we are going to turn our eyes on the subject, from a marketer’s standpoint.

The evolving American Taproom. (Image Source: rickyleepotts.com) The Evolving American Taproom.
(Image Source: rickyleepotts.com)

According to 2011’s Oxford Companion to Beer ‘Craft Beer’ “…typically applies to relatively small, independently-owned commercial breweries that employ traditional brewing methods and emphasize flavor and quality.” This…

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