10 Things Not to Do While In College

Emily Brungard

College. It’s a time where you’re learning, meeting new people and doing new things every day.

Although I’ve only been away at school for six months, I’ve gathered a few ideas on what a new college student (or an old one) should never do.

1. Don’t just hang out with people from your high school

You spent every day of the last four years with them. It’s okay to keep your friends from high school, but don’t separate yourself from others simply because it’s easy to stay friends with your high school buddies. Chances are, your friends from high school won’t be with you for the rest of your life. Finding people in your major or in school organizations you’re involved in is the best way to make friends, and maybe even to find a mentor.

2. Don’t sit in your dorm room all day

By isolating yourself in your…

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