7 things I learned from my first semester in College


Being a freshman in college has taught me things far beyond the classroom. Here are a few tips I’ve learned. All of this is from my experience in college and It may be apply to you, it may not.

1. You don’t need to go out every night

Going out and getting WASTED every weekend is not as rewarding as making a 3.5 or higher.  Also, drinking before the age of 25 stunts your brain growth. I’m not going to lecture anyone but I personally would rather save my brain cells for better things.

2. Do go out and have fun with your friends every once in a while

With that being said, GO OUT WITH YOUR FRIENDS. Staying in every single weekend with your nose in a book is not good for your mental health.  It’s ok to go to parties. I go to parties because my boyfriend is…

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