Elizabeth Gomez: Voting – Shut Up and Just Do It

Drinkers with Writing Problems

Voting: Come on people JUST DO IT. Seriously, DO IT. I don’t want to be that crotchety middle-aged woman who has to get on a soap box about civic duties, but it seems that I must. In the midterm elections, I was outraged at the number of young whippersnappers who proudly touted on their Facebook profiles that they did not vote. Why didn’t they vote? Because they’re cynical, entitled, little snot-nosed assholes… or because they don’t understand the importance of voting, unless it involves Christina Aguilera trying to train another pop singer that we’ll forget the moment we turn off the television.

Do I sound bitter? Yes, I am. I live in Illinois and work for a Chicago politician. If anyone understands cynicism towards voting, it’s me. Four out of seven of our last governors have gone to jail. Since 1973, 31 of Chicago’s Alderman have been imprisoned. Politicians are…

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