Hipsters are good for America?

The Daily Heresy

Pop culture, politics and even sociology are all very much related, obviously. And no, I’m not just talking about protest songs, I want to show that the merit of art forms might even be a way of testing the sociological strength of their native cultures. How can this be shown? Well today, this fact can be illuminated by a peculiar specimen: hipsters. Because hipsters are a thing now, in fact, they’ve been a thing for a while, a very prevalent thing. The overabundance of mustachioed, modern day metros says a lot about the country they reluctantly call home.  But hipsters and America are indebted to each other. Maybe hipsters shouldn’t be wearing their American flag shirts ironically, maybe they are dependent on what that flag represents. Hipsters might be good for America, and a good America might be good for hipsters.  I argue that beautifully bizarre and eccentric populations take root in successful countries.  If you…

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