Week 4- The Players in Healthcare Policy Making: Traditional and Contemporary roles.

the value of palliative care

Within the United States, the development of healthcare policy continues to travel a long and winding road. Although the American public might assume that the president and his advisors are the primary players in public policy, the system is far more complex. John Kingdon (2011) writes that the key roles in policy development may be evaluated by their ability to set the agenda, propose alternative solutions and promote implementation.  Individuals are often not able to drive all three of these components. Kingdon (2011) continues that the president and his appointees are often the ‘agenda setters’ within policy development. These executive level roles are able to move issues up and down a continuum of importance. However, alternatives to each proposed policy may come from other areas. Elected officials might bring solutions from their constituents. Special interest groups may propose new ideas. The success and implementation of a particular policy is more…

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