WTF FRIDAY!! – ‘Rush Limbaugh: Scott Walker should announce he quit college to avoid rape accusations’

The Last Of The Millenniums

limbaugh on rape1


So on the one hand, Scott Walker doesn’t have a college degree and on the other hand Limbaugh wants him to say he could have been accused of rape and THAT’S why he doesn’t have a college degree.

‘Rush Limbaugh suggested that Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker announce that he quit college to avoid being accused of rape’.

‘The likely 2016 Republican presidential candidate dropped out of Marquette University during the spring of his senior year with little explanation and never completed his degree’.


“Just ram it right down their throats,”Limbaugh said. “They’re trying to create this rape culture on the campus – well, (he should say,) ‘I quit because I don’t want to be accused of rape down the road.’”

Walker has claimed for years that he left just short of graduation, after losing a bid for student body president, to pursue a job opportunity’.

‘Limbaugh, who claims he…

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