How wages for young people in the U.S. changed, 1980-2013

The Context Of Things

If you think modern-day San Francisco might someday go the way of Detroit, well, there’s some new evidence you should consider. (Here’s some more ill-fated logic on what might someday “doom” SF.)

This comes from an article by way of The Atlantic and CityLab, linked here. Some of these data points at the bottom are hard to read, but let’s start with 1980. Coincidentally, that’s the year I was born. (Not sure why you would ever care about that, but eh.) What U.S. cities had the highest median income for young people in the year Reagan came to the Presidency?

Highest Median Income Young People 1980

As you can probably read before it gets blurred, the top four are:

  1. Flint, MI
  2. Detroit, MI
  3. Chicago, IL
  4. San Jose, CA

OK, so that was 1980. What about 2013? 

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