How White Millennials Rely on Racist Policing

Black Millennials

By Stefani Cox

The Bay Area is home to a wealth of protests on a seemingly weekly basis. For each protest, there are some people who get behind the action, and others don’t. The #BlackLivesMatter protests, which strive to raise awareness about the over-policing of black and brown people, unsurprisingly brought out both sides in full force, especially when public transit was shut down. However, I was surprised that among the usual dissenters frustrated by the inconvenience of direct action and protest, was an unexpected demographic – liberal white millennials.

In my own social media platforms, and through conversations observed in passing, I heard many comments similar to the one below.

annoyed white millennial

The gist usually captures some level of ideological support for the protests, but is combined with an expression of extreme annoyance at being inconvenienced. Often dissenters proffer a suggestion to take the protests elsewhere – to the police, to Congress, to anyone else…

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