Millennials’ Who?

Millennials World

No…We’re not the minions!! We are the Digital Natives, the most diverse generation, Generation Y, the multi-cultured,  the most educated generation, the meme generator, the grumpy cat, the Social Media, the unemployed, the change-makers, the occupy wall street, the youth, the future leaders, the “Hikikomori”, the precariats. We are the ones born 1982 – 2002

We are the generation that is so different from the previous generation that one generational gap is so immense that we spark languages and embrace different principles and identities. This generation has so many #stereotypes towards them yet quite misunderstood. We need to be heard, we need to be understood, we need to convey our concerns and play our music loud and clear. I see so much potential within us and we strive to make the world more creative, innovative with a spark of a new perspective. After all, by 2025, 75% of the job market will…

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