Dos and Don’ts of Freshmen Year


When going to college, it can be nerve wrecking to think about living on campus and not knowing if it will a good experience. Many people have trouble adjusting to new environments so I have some dos and don’ts that will hopefully help with the transition.


Do keep your door open – Not all the time! During the day, keeping your door room propped open is considered a welcoming sign, it lets your neighbors know that you are friendly. Chances are that some of your floor-mates are shy and may be having trouble making new friends, so make them feel comfortable by making the first step.

So whenever your roommate and you are having some chill time, open the door and you will make a new friend for sure!


Don’t get lazy – Try to find time to exercise. The “freshmen 15” may be a little exaggerated but in my experience, I did gain a…

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