Republicans move to separate immigration issue from DHS funding bill


WASHINGTON (CNN) — Congress has just three days until Department of Homeland Security funding runs out, and it’s anyone’s guess whether they’ll take the department off the cliff.

On Monday night, the Senate again voted down a DHS funding bill that included a measure rolling back President Barack Obama’s executive action delaying deportations for immigrants. But that night, a potential solution emerged as well, with Sen. Mitch McConnell announcing he’ll bring a separate bill to the floor tackling Obama’s immigration move, potentially allowing a clean DHS funding bill to move on its own track.

It’s unclear whether the tactic will work, and conservatives are still expressing opposition to the move. But some Republicans have previously suggested that the fact that a Texas court recently issued an injunction against the order, pausing its implementation, could offer conservatives cover to vote for at least a short-term clean funding bill and use the…

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