Rudy Giuliani, the worst of American politics

Sean A. Colarossi

Let’s jump right in.

“I do not believe, and I know this is a horrible thing to say, but I do not believe that [President Obama] loves America,” said skilled 9/11 exploiter and shameless asshole, Rudy Giuliani, Wednesday at a political gathering in New York. “He doesn’t love you. And he doesn’t love me.”

First of all, he’s probably right that Barack Obama doesn’t love him. Hell, most Americans don’t love Rudy Giuliani. Ever since he made it his life’s work to exploit America’s worst terror attack to advance his political aspirations, Americans have been pretty turned off by him.

Even Republicans laughed Mr. Giuliani out of the room when he tried to run for president in 2008. I suppose that’s what happens when your entire campaign platform is, as Joe Biden accurately pointed out, “a noun, a verb, and 9/11.”

With that said, I think there are some points for which the…

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