Things I Learned in College: Diet and Exercise

The Finicky Cynic

Hello, again.

Now, if you are a freshman/soon-to-be-freshman in college, then here’s one big, important thing that you need to know once you go in: your body will change.

I’m not saying that you’ll go through puberty (you probably have stopped somewhere during your teen years, anyway), but rather the diet and exercise lifestyle that you choose to follow.

And I guarantee you, your diet/exercise regime will most likely change, for better or for worse.

Let’s back it up with some examples:

Take me, for instance. Throughout high school, I was pretty active: I ran cross-country and did track and field, as well as ate regularly every day. I was also younger, and so my metabolism was pretty damn quick to burn off that extra helping of rum cake during the Christmas holidays. I wouldn’t say that I was eating the healthiest that I could have, but at the same…

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