You know you are getting old when…

Flashes of Clarity

My birthday is next month and I don’t think I felt any different when I turned 17,18,19 or 20. I was going to keep on going to 21 but.. common I was so glad I could buy a six pack of beer whenever I had enough money in my pockets. Then from 21 to 23 it was all kind of the same old same old. I think being 24 will hit me differently just because of the difference of where I was a year ago today. And well… because I can’t do the same things I was able to do at 21. And it’s for two reasons: either my body is too old for that or my brain is too old to do all the dumb things I use to do of which I regret none! But here’s a few that prove to me that you know you are getting old…

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