Hipsters should be celebrated, not ostracized

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The epidemic of the hipster is widely known but not very well understood, mostly due to the fact that the term is incredibly difficult to succinctly define.

What is clear is that the manifestation of the hipster has led to an influx of fixed-gear bikes, unnecessary facial hair and an increase of insufferably pompous-types in London, especially concentrated in gentrified areas such as Hackney and Brixton.

tTne7 A ‘typical’ hipster. Courtesy of ‘HuffintonPost.com’, 2014.

The cliché of a hipster generally refers to highly urbane beings, widely considered the bane of society’s existence. The urbanites work in the media, wear clothing that shuns mainstream trends, and tend to have some sort of dietary requirement which may have started as a bid to consume only organic produce, but has since morphed into something more formidable.

Hipsters have trendy interests that are specifically countercultural, an unwavering devotion to Apple products and lead a contradictory…

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