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Mancunian Matters

In an attempt to come up with something interesting to write about from mynondescriptday, consisting of too manyinsipid cups of tea, and too much physics and maths for my science and maths hating brain to deal with, I found myself googling what is trending right now in the UK on google.

I don’t know what I was expecting but I was certainly shocked to discover right now in the UK the most trending search is David Walliams. Why on earth google David Walliams, the least talented britains not got talent judge, corny comedian at 4oclock on a Wednesday? Curiously I decided to join the thousands and I shamefully typed into google David Walliams.

According to the daily mail and the other airhead gossip collums that came up there is an outrage as our “beloved David Walliams breaks up with his girlfriend”

Come on England please don’t tell…

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