The political triangle: Obama, Netanyahu and Iran

Life as we know it

America is a great country to live, and Obama is a great President. He inherited a country that was in debt and entrenched in two wars. He’s grown the economy by 24% and shrunk the deficit by $200 billion, thanks to a fairer tax code. He’s tackled affordable health care, protected the rights of immigrants born and raised in America, and helped create 10 million jobs. On the international stage, he stands up for human rights. Obama achieved all this despite fierce resistance from Congress almost every step of the way.

I was never more ashamed of America’s elected officials than yesterday, when watching Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu speak in front of Congress. Negociations with Iran and 6 other international players regarding its nuclear capabilities are at a “delicate stage”. Iran wants to use nuclear power, and the world wants access to the nuclear power reactors to make sure…

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