5 Reasons Why Millennials Will Save The World

Thought Catalog

Shutterstock / phoenix man Shutterstock / phoenix man

1. We do what we are passionate about.

Some members of older generations point fingers and assume we are lazy and stuck up because we will not do what we are told. We do not want to be bank executives and sit at a desk all day. We want to explore and create. We want to live our lives doing the things we love.

2. We are always on call.

Those outside of our generation complain about about how “kids are always on their phones.” Maybe we are, but maybe we aren’t always taking selfies and posting about ourselves. Once our “me” stage passes, employers will be thrilled. Our quick responses and “phone glued to our hands” lifestyle will come in handy. Instead of working 9-5 jobs, we will be on call 24/7 and can work from anywhere at anytime, dramatically increasing productivity.

3. Our generation’s…

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