Love is patient, love is kind.

Livin' La Vida Spanglish

Last week I saw something really beautiful that had been posted on Facebook by a friend of mine. It was a wonderfully edited video by Ad Council (USA) showing the importance of love – check it out below. Now I am not a lovey dovey person, at all. In fact I am the person that pretends to vomit at the glimpse of any PDA. But with this the focus is very much on the wider sense of love, community and acceptance; which I am all for! The x-ray screen hides the visual differences between people; gender, ethnicity, age, disability and instead reduces the individuals to our basic human form, a skeleton. An image that everyone will recognise and be able to associate themselves with. No one immediately disassociates because of skin colour or age or any other defining feature of the people behind the screen and so when each individual reveals themselves people…

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