Millennials aren’t lazy, you’re just an asshole



If I had a nickel for every time I heard an offhanded comment, or saw an article attacking Millenials and their wishy-washy, out of touch, entitled dreamer nature…..

Allegedly, as the “Peter Pan generation” we’re delaying life’s  rites of passage like getting a job, moving out,  and marriage  for way longer than our parents. I hate how this is something portrayed as fully within our control, or like we’re purposely holding ourselves back from these desirable stages of self growth.  It’s kinda hard to think about moving out without having an anxiety attack when you’re making $33,000 a year, getting taxed at a 35% rate, and paying back $400 monthly in student loans.  Oh yeah, and at a job that isn’t even in your desired field.

Not to sound like a bitch here, or to start a class war, but being a middle class Millenial is also a completely different animal…

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