Women’s Rights And Religion


I am always amused at people saying that their religion gives women rights or that women have equal rights to men. I am particularly referring to Islam and Christianity. The arrogance of it all astounds me. In the first pace, every person, including women are born free. Religion does not “give” women rights, it takes rights away. It amazes me how easily religious texts can be misinterpreted, even though the simplicity of it’s writing makes its intention patently obvious. I can understand when people misinterpret the writings of Nostradamus because that was written in code. Nostradamus was trying to hide the real meaning of his writings to prevent being persecuted.

The religious books such as the Bible or the Koran are not written in code. It was written in such a way to make it clear and obvious so that everyone could understand it. The prophet Muhammad had nothing to…

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