Millennial’s Secret Weapon: Mom and Dad

Brandon Denton

Secret Weapon

I remember our conversation like it was yesterday. “Daddy! So HR just called me and said they want to offer me a new job. A promotion! They want to move me into a new vacant position.” I said.

“That’s great son! Is it a step up or is it a step to the right?” Daddy questioned.

“I’m not sure, but I’ll find out in an hour or so.” I returned.

“Okay. Let me know what they say.”

I called my dad back immediately following the meeting.

“Daddy, they trippin’. They want to give me $3000 more than what I made last year for 100 times more work. After bonuses, I made that much last year. I’ve been here four years and that’s like a slap in the face!” I exclaimed.

Then my dad said, “Oh, No! That’s crazy! You’re not coming right out of college. You’ve put in four years…

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