Could you include your Twitter handle on a resume?

Olivia Teeney

In middle school you were probably introduced to a concept called “reading between the lines.” This innate action has been a part of human perception in reality and text for a long time, and the digital world is no exception, especially if your tweets aren’t protected.

Millennials have been forewarned since the days of MySpace to be careful what they post, but what happens when they think they’re being sneaky? “The picture I tweeted didn’t even show alcohol in it.” Just like you were taught at a young age, your peers, parents, professors and future employers have all been taught to read between the lines. When you were posting all week long during your time at Panama City Beach holding a red solo cup with drunk eyes, you may as well been holding alcohol. All too often my generation makes a poor impression of themselves on their social media accounts. This is…

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