10 Things I Learned my First Semester of College

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Alyssa Lauren

Sitting back and relaxing on my first college spring break has made me reminisce a bit about my first semester of school. It seemed like just yesterday I had pulled into the school drop-off zone, my car filled to the top with things that I would only use half of. I think back on how well adjusted and mature I thought I was compared to the other freshmen. I have to admit, I’ve had a very easy and enjoyable time at college, but there are definitely some things I have learned. Here are 10 different things you learn from your first semester of school.


  1. Talk is cheap: When it comes to managing long distance friendships and relationships, actions speak volumes more than words. No long distant friendship ever stayed a friendship by just talking and not visiting each other when you are both home. Now, granted there are circumstances…

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